Mediation/Settlement Videos

Maximize your case value.


Day in the Life Videos

Capture client damages.


Pain Management Procedures

Document your client's treatments.



Drone Video Services

Give your facts the wow factor.


IME & CME Videos

Keep the medical experts honest.


Video Forensic Enhancement

If you can see it, we can enhance it.



Site Inspections

Capture simple to complex processes.



Keep the jury's attention.


Website Videos

Video on the Internet is critical for success.



Collision Site Reconstruction

A crucial component for cases involving motor vehicles.


3D Printed Exhibits

It's a game changer.


Property Documentation

An accurate record of the contents of your home.


About Us


James, the senior producer and owner of Forensic Video Law in Jacksonville, Florida, has 28 years of professional forensic video experience. He earned a BA degree from the University of Central Florida in Videography and created hundreds of multi-million dollar documentaries for attorneys across the nation. James specializes in complex forensic litigation from script to screen.



  Legal Video Services


Visual evidence is far more powerful than words alone. An experienced legal videographer can capture and effectively communicate complex material into easily understood concepts through video. Using state of the art equipment, our legal video specialists deliver high quality demonstrative evidence (HD video) to increase the value of your case.

Whether you need high-definition videos depositions, award wining Day in the Life or mediation videos, aerial drone videos, or IME/CME video documentation, you can count on the professionals at Forensic Video Law for all of your legal video needs. Our Jacksonville video production company also offers video and audio enhancement, 3D printed exhibits and property documentation.

Why Choose Us

Over the last 25+ years, James R. Jenkins has been recognized for
his professional, high quality work. Throughout his career, he has
worked with attorneys across the United States & provided them with
expert legal video services to ensure the success of numerous cases.

James' Success


Value of Cases Throughout James' Career= >$1.85 Billion


The Latest From Our Blog

$2.35 Million Verdict
Jamie Holland Trial Success

5:02pm - Tavares, FL Courthouse, Lake County Judicial Center Room #1H, Jamie Holland and his team achieved a $2.35 million verdict after 2 weeks of intense trial.

This was a severe motor vehicle collision case and Forensic Video Law used a 2-camera video documentary to discredit...

Read more

$250K to $25 Million Policy Limits

At mediation the defense generally only pays out to the policy limits; however, it is their intention to settle for a lesser amount or take their chances in court if they see you are unprepared.

It's up to the plaintiff’s attorney to provide evidence that supports their financial demands for settlement and convince ...

Read more
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